Output Created 03-FEB-2013 19:54:06
Input Filter <none>
Weight <none>
Split File <none>
N of Rows in Working Data File 211
Matrix Input
Missing Value Handling Definition of Missing User-defined missing values are treated as missing.
Cases Used Statistics are based on all cases with valid data for all variables in the procedure.
/VARIABLES=VAR00193 VAR00194 VAR00195 VAR00196
Resources Elapsed Time 0:00:01.42
Memory Available 524288 bytes
Largest Contiguous Area 524288 bytes
Workspace Required 224 bytes

Case Processing Summary

N %
Cases Valid 211 100.0
Excluded(a) 0 0.0
Total 211 100.0
a Listwise deletion based on all variables in the procedure.

Reliability Statistics
Cronbach's Alpha N of Items
.994 4